• Warwick, New York

About Us

About Material Processors

Material Processors does work involving construction, the recycling of greens waste, site remediation, as well as land clearing and land development alongside our sister company Land of America.

We manage own and operate all of our specialized equipment and facilities with onsite mechanics to eliminate down time due to equipment failure. Our company has worked with numerous private and municipal clients throughout our 30 years of operation.

The diligent service we provide our clients and the community has given us an unmatched relationship with the building commission, as well as a thorough knowledge of local building and zoning laws.

Our Work

The work we do with numerous clients and municipalities, clearing and preparing land, as well as infrastructure development, is widespread throughout the region. Our reputation for providing quality service on time and under budget are unrivaled.

Examples of our work include:

  • Land clearing and development for ski slopes at Mount Peter Ski Resort.
  • Construction of new infrastructure and demolition the Kiryas Joel Housing Authority.
  • Excavation and development on over 30 homes for the Willow Wood Association.
  • Land clearing for over 1200 homes, spanning 2,500 acres under Tuxedo Farms.
  • Excavation for a 20,000 square foot facility on Route 17M.
  • Land clearing and site preparation for a state of the art, energy efficient greenhouse facility for the Thom Woglom Construction Company

Service to the Community

Material Processors handles the recycling of greens waste including otherwise discarded brush, stumps and leaves. Members of the community bring us their waste and we recycle it into landscaping materials. Products such as natural and dyed mulches, wood chips and compost for people’s homes and gardens.

By recycling these otherwise discarded materials we do a service to the community by producing environmentally sound, natural, and locally sourced products while  reducing waste.